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We would like to start the New Year by wishing all of our lovely customers the very best for a very happy and peaceful 2018. 


A massive thank you to everyone for all your support and good wishes, wonderful reviews and the kind emails that you have sent to us over the festive season, which make it all so very worthwhile.   Of course, we could not achieve any success without our fantastic suppliers, so equally warm wishes to you all, and to those we haven't met yet!  


This coming year will be seeing an increase in the amount of Deli-style products that we have been developing, using our Welsh Wagyu Beef and Mangalitza Pork, after our pre-Christmas pilot tests were a huge success - such goodies as the Mangalitza Gammons, Pancetta and Cured Lardo, and coming soon - a very delicious Wagyu Beef Braesola.    




All other orders will cost just £7.95, upgraded to a Before Noon delivery free of charge ! (Highlands and Islands excepted - sorry guys!)


Biltong Fans!!   

Click here to try Four Fantastic Flavours of

Welsh Wagyu Beef Biltong! 



Two New Exciting Products

 from the Basque Country  !!

Galician Beef and Iberico Pork



Check out our brilliant Blighty Biltong, awarded Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards 2017! products here on the website.

This exciting, innovative and young Company have been developing some fantastic Biltong using our award winning Welsh Wagyu Beef

Just Launched - Gold Star Awarded Ras El Hanout flavour Biltong and also coming soon - Blighty Beer Sticks!






We have a brand new range of Galician Beef from the Basque Country in North West Spain - this fabulous meat is rapidly being snapped up by some of our best Michelin Chefs who describe it as "Stunning" and the flavours "Insane" !!! 

Dairy Cattle are retired out to pasture in the fields and forests of Galicia and there they stay until they are 8 - 10 years old - what an amazing story!   Also from the Basque Country we have introduced Iberico Pork, which can only come from black pigs of the Iberian breed whose unique origin can be traced back to ancient times.


Wagyu Cattle were originally bred in Japan, and are renowned for producing beef of a superior eating quality - if you like, Wagyu is the Rolls Royce or Dom Perignon of the Beef world.   The unique taste and unctuous, buttery texture are due to the marbling of fat within the meat, fat which will begin to melt at room temperature.   It is also magically low in mono-unsaturates, which means you can relax and enjoy it without worrying about your health!

Our Welsh Wagyu cattle are reared by the forward-thinking Ifor Humphreys in Montgomeryshire, where they graze on the clover rich pastures of his family farm.   They are finished on grass or hay and a blended grain ration grown on the neighbourhood farm, and Ifor also gives them a daily pint of locally brewed Monty's Beer and a little massage, echoing the traditions followed by farmers from Kobe, in Japan, who made Kobe Beef famous.

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Roasting Joint Min. 1kg - Dry Aged

    Due to the wonderful marbling of these cattle, we have found that the roasting joints are beautifully tender and succulent, requiring little preparation. Just remember to cook from room temperature and to rest for 10 - 15 mins after removing from the oven. Learn More